FIEFRE commitment service now also on social networks

Since November 2017 we have expanded our information, response, contact and news channels, launching our FIEFRE social networks.

Be part of our community! Discover and get everything you need about new projects, news, facilities and much more.

From now on, FIEFRE has a Facebook page, Instagram, Youtube channel and Linkedin in order to be present in different platforms taking advantage of the tools of these and make transparent the experience of almost 20 years. This aims to expand our global network, showing us as we are with the internal community, our workers, clients, suppliers and of course, new possible projects.

For this reason, the FIEFRE family invites you to like and follow each of our social networks and be part of our online community. We are in different platforms to be loyal to our principle of being a committed company to each of our services.  

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First year of FIEFRE in Talagante

With the aim of optimizing work, increasing productive capacity, obtain and working on new projects and challenge, FIEFRE grew and took a big step: we moved from Cerrillos to a new plant in Talagante.

We celebrated one year! It was in July 2016 when a large part of your history began. We left more than 9 years in the past to grow and be even more faithful to our principles…to be a committed company to the services we provide to our customers.

This New Year in a new house motivates us to continue working for and for each of our clients, getting more experience every day and to continue delivering the professionalism that characterizes us.

Our plant has approximately 30.000 m2, located in Camino a Melipilla 6917 Talagante, Santiago. It is a place of easy access, with facilities to receive them without any problem. FIEFRE will be attentive to your needs and any requirements you may need.

Visit us and celebrate with us this first year in FIEFRE Talagante!

FIEFRE reaches the production of 2000 rolls!

Since 2011 we have started working on plate rolling between 6 mm and 100 mm in different grades of steel, as required by each project. This, as part of all the services offered by FIEFRE and with the aim of incorporating the best and most modern technology

This guarantees us to be able to assign great challenges for important companies at national level, reaching the production of 2000 rolls! This goal was completed in the month of October and clear evidence of the quality of the service we deliver according to the requirements of our customers.

Thanks to the quality and immediacy that are our main characteristics, we have achieved that today FIEFRE is an exponent positioned in the market of the process of rolling of steel plates up to 100 mm

Certainly, this news encourages us to continue working to fully comply with each challenge and proposed project, because FIEFRE is committed to the service.